Competitor's physique should display a firmness where the muscle bellies are slightly harder and rounder than seen in the Women's Beachbody division (ie. larger legs/glutes development and a defined core ), but not display the wide shoulders, round delts and lat development of a figure competitor or the muscle separation, definition, low body fat levels, dryness or density that is displayed in our Classic and Standard Bodybuilding division.


Two-piece contest regulated suit (2/3 coverage). Thongs will not be permitted.

High heeled shoes are required


Height Classes Novice:
Short – Under 5’2”
Medium- 5’2” 1⁄4 up to 5’7”
Tall- Over 5’7”


Height Classes Open:
Under 5’2”
5’21/4” up to 5’5”
5’51/4 up to 5’7” Over



  • Front Pose
  • Eyes facing forward
  • Hips must be facing the judges
  • Arms can remain at sides or you can place one hand on your hip, both hips or alternating hips
  • Toes facing judges, feet slightly apart



  • Rear Pose
  • Head held high
  • Arms can either be at the sides or with one hand on the hip
  • Lats open
  • Feet slightly apart
  • Competitors with long hair should brush their hair to one side to ensure their back is visible to the judges


SHAPE competitors will perform a "Box Walk" during the presentation round.

Shape competitors to perform a 10-12 sec free posing routine.


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Women's Shape


There will be no refund once a Division has been registered.

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